The friendship between Finito de Córdoba, Arantxa del Sol’s husband, and Ana Illas, Ángel Cristo Jr.’s girlfriend, continues to give a lot of play outside of Honduras. The presenter, accused of having started a tense dialectical fight with Ana, told Conexión Honduras, in the segment broadcast on the mitele Plus platform, how the initial friendship with Bárbara Rey’s son was developed.

According to the communicator, Ana called Finito just when it was announced that Arantxa del Sol would participate in the program and, therefore, was going to coincide with Ángel Cristo Jr.: “She said: What a coincidence that we just saw that Arantxa participates in the program and my partner also participates.”

Thus, since there was this bond between the two couples, the presenter wanted to establish an alliance with Cristo Jr. seeing that the rest of the contestants did not seem to empathize with him: “Somehow, he was very attentive to me from the beginning, I saw everything the world against you and in some way you feel a little indebted and that was my entry into the contest.”

This friendship, however, did not last long. As Arantxa del Sol has said, she has felt manipulated: “She has used me and tormented me like other contestants who I hope, when they come, will tell about it.”

According to the presenter’s testimony, Kike Calleja would not have had anything to do with it, but rather there were several contestants who told her what was being said about her: “He was a traitor, apart from talking about how I was experiencing the contest.” …calling me useless, a lot of things that several contestants have told me.”

And his return to Spain has only made things worse because he has found himself under media pressure that he did not expect and with his marriage quite eroded by Arantxa del Sol’s media management of this confrontation. “I just got out of this bubble, it’s all information and I’m having a pretty bad time here,” she confessed.