This Tuesday, April 9, the trial that will decide the future of Daniel Sancho will begin. The chef was accused of having murdered and dismembered the Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrieta in Thailand last August. Since then, the detainee remains in Koh Samui prison awaiting the judge’s final decision.

A case that is receiving a lot of media attention in Spain and which has not stopped being talked about on television sets and in the press in general. From the victim’s relatives to the defense of the accused, many have spoken in recent months. Even so, the one who has not spoken clearly is Father Daniel, Rodolfo Sancho, until now.

Such is the expectation about this matter, that HBO MAX has decided to launch the docuseries The Sancho Case on the same day the trial begins. A documentary that will have four episodes, but that, for now, only the ‘zero’ will be released with an unpublished interview with the actor from The Ministry of Time.

But not only that. Apart from this expected testimony, the platform has made it clear that this project is a “true crime in real time.” That is, it will be offered to the public at the same time that the final judicial resolution is known. Something new so far in this type of content.

“Faithful to our commitment to offering the public a wide and differentiated offering of quality content, Max presents this new original documentary series that delves into a topical issue both in Spain and internationally,” revealed Alberto Carullo, from MAX. .

“The Sancho case takes the viewer on a journey that pivots between the present, the past and the future, offering a contextualized and documented story that becomes more complex as the case progresses and whose end is not yet written,” they have added in the press release.

But Rodolfo Sancho, Daniel’s father, will not be the only testimony in this docuseries. As they have revealed, the facts will be expressed through voices that have been involved in the investigation in a very direct way, putting on the table everything that has been happening throughout these months. With this, it is likely that details that have not emerged until now will come to light, despite the fact that it is a highly media case.

As soon as the news of this audiovisual project became known, social networks exploded with thousands of comments. “Don’t start with this nonsense, we’re going down the wrong path,” said one user. There are many who do not welcome the making of this type of documentaries. Even so, there are others who think otherwise. And in recent years crime series have been a success.