For a few years now, First Dates has become the perfect place to find love. Different diners cross the doors of the most famous restaurant on the small screen every night to enjoy a unique evening. On Thursday night, viewers of the program witnessed new dates, which have left great moments to remember.

Two of the stars of the night were Pablo and Volha. The 45-year-old Catalan bachelor arrived at the restaurant showing off his body. ”When I upload a photo of my abs to social networks I get a lot of likes,” he said. He wanted to meet an honest, intelligent, hardworking and conversational person.

His date was Volha, a 38-year-old single woman who considered herself a very active person. ”I came to Spain as a tourist, but I fell in love and stayed here,” she said. ”She seemed like an attractive woman to me, she has beautiful eyes and very pretty lips,” the bachelor commented as soon as he met the single woman.

During the first minutes of the evening, the bachelor tried to guess the bachelor’s country of origin, but without much success. ”I’m from Belarus,” the single woman revealed. ”I know very little about Belarus,” said the Catalan. For her part, Volha confessed that she had had a very good impression of the bachelor and that she was looking forward to having dinner with him.

Moments later, Volha said that he was currently living in Barcelona, ‚Äč‚Äčlike the bachelor, and that he had also lived on a boat. “I wouldn’t live on a boat, I stay in my beautiful house, no boats and seasickness,” stated the bachelor. For his part, Pablo said that he owned a digital transformation company. ”He has intelligence, I like that he is a powerful man,” the single woman emphasized.

At one point during the evening, the singles opened up about their previous relationships. Volha revealed that his last relationship had ended a year ago and Pablo said that his 25-year marriage broke up the moment they opened the relationship. ”We established some red lines in that relationship and when those lines were crossed it was over,” he said.

Volha, who could not believe his words, explained that he was incapable of having an open relationship because he had traditional values. ”I wouldn’t like to have a threesome,” she asserted. This very different point of view caused the bachelor’s immediate rejection. ”On the sexual issue, I wouldn’t quite get along with her, I would ask her for more than she can give me,” he stated.

In the final stretch of the dinner, the singles moved to the program booth, where Volha delighted the single with a musical performance. However, his gifts in music had little effect on Pablo. ”It’s quite traditional and I’m looking for someone less traditional,” he said. For this reason, both refused to have a second meeting in the final decision.