There is news in the accusations made about Antonio Tejado. According to El Diario de Sevilla, the prosecutor’s office of the city of Seville has requested Tejado’s release on bail for the amount of 100,000 euros. However, it must be accepted by the corresponding court.

Although this means that he does not have to be in jail, the prosecution has agreed by setting several conditions. The first of them is that his passport will be withdrawn, which means that he will not be able to leave the country.

Another condition is that the accused cannot approach any of the victims of the robbery that María del Monte suffered in her chalet, who are María del Monte herself and her partner Inmaculada Casal. He will also have to go to court periodically.

For the alleged accomplices in the house robbery, the prosecution has also requested bail. In the case of “El Ruso”, the alleged leader of the plot, with the same amount as Tejado, while for the other supposedly involved it is reduced to 50,000 euros.

Antonio Tejado’s lawyer has made statements to Europa Press in which he comments that he has learned of the news from the media. He also confirms that “as soon as the judge orders it, if he orders it in that sense, freedom would be immediate, of course.”

Fernando Velo, who is Tejado’s defense lawyer, has also declared to Europa Press that the family has also found out from the press. To conclude, he said: “It is good news, but I insist, until we have the letter from the Public Prosecutor’s Office and we are officially notified, we cannot be certain.”