Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi became known as actors but, while the industry did not take them into account for leading roles, they redefined themselves as authors with a cult play from Madrid, The Call, and a web series, Paquita Salas, which It had a ridiculous budget but talent in abundance and some first-rate cameos. After the transformation of Paquita Salas into a cult series that became popular culture and after signing Veneno or producing Cardo, the Javis name is interpreted as synonymous with quality. The expectation is there to see what they sign next. And, finally, we have a release date for La Mesías, the series they created for Movistar Plus: the first two episodes will be available on October 11.

The cast uses regular faces from their fictional universe such as Macarena García, Ana Rujas, Betsy Túrnez and Gracia Olayo. This time, they also have Lola Dueñas, Roger Casamajor, Albert Pla, the singer Amaia whom they met as OT teachers, Biel Rossell, Cecilia Roth, Nora Navas, Aixa Villagrán, Carla Díaz, Ángeles Ortega, Mari Paz Sayago, Rossy de Palma or the singer-songwriter Albert Pla. The argument? A story set in Catalonia that mixes faith, a constant in his filmography, and music.

The synopsis is as follows: “The viral video of a Christian pop music group made up of several sisters impacts the life of Enric, a man tormented by a childhood marked by religious fanaticism and the yoke of a mother with messianic delusions.” If we add that the series was filmed in Catalonia, the feeling of déjà vu will be unmistakable among lovers of grotesque culture: it seems to be freely inspired by the Flos Mariae, a self-produced Christian pop music group made up of seven sisters.

Before its premiere on Movistar Plus, the platform will premiere La Mesías at the San Sebastián Film Festival on September 29.