The premiere of Barbie in theaters has caused a veritable earthquake in movie theaters, both inside and outside of it. The film directed by Greta Gerwig and starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling has caused a sensation thanks to its endless pink look, feminist message and stellar performances from the entire cast. The fact of coinciding in date with Oppenheimer has also helped the fans to mobilize, in all the possible ways.

The Spanish influencer Roxana Zurdo has been one of the many who have shown their most chic side to attend the premiere of the film in Madrid this past Thursday. Specifically, she has appeared at the premiere wearing one of the star models of the doll. Dressed in the same swimsuit and pair of skates that Barbie wears in the film, Zurdo has walked the pink carpet and the surroundings of the CaixaBank theater in Príncipe Pío.

Roxana showed off wearing a swimsuit and cap with designs identical to those that viewers could see both in the trailers and in the full film at its premiere. It was a one-piece suit and the quintessential pink, combined with blue, orange, yellow, airbrushed electrical lines. Blue leggings and traditional white roller skates completed the outfit with which she went around and around the North Station.

This is just one of several clips that the influencer picked up on her TikTok profile to go to the movie event. In total, they accumulate more than 10 million views, the latter adding almost 935,000. This particular video also accumulates close to 40,000 likes and a multitude of positive reactions. “I love your daring, you seem better than many,” highlighted a user, Zurdo being one of the few who wore an outfit in the purest Barbie style.

The event held in Príncipe Pío saw a multitude of celebrities parade along the pink carpet, the vast majority of them choosing to wear matching outfits. María Pombo became Barbie Chanel with a tweed minidress, while Carmen Lomana wore a Dior dress with pleated fabric both on the chest and on the skirt. Marta López Álamo, Desiré Cordero, Alba Carrillo and Carolina Cerezuela were other of the most outstanding.

All of them coincided in Madrid for the premiere of a film that has not left anyone indifferent. The critics have put it through the roof and have highlighted its viral face to face with Oppenheimer, pointing out that nothing like this had ever been seen before in the history of cinema. In addition to celebrities, thousands of people will flock to theaters this weekend to see the doll, also gearing up to rock their pink best looks.