Natalia Osona has enjoyed an eventful trip to Cancún, Mexico. While enjoying a happy vacation, the influencer realized that there were many wild animals in bad conditions and tried to help a group of cats, which had consequences: one of these creatures bit her and she had to be vaccinated against rabies.

”Actually, this happened days ago but I’ve been a little worried and didn’t feel like talking about it. I suffered a cat bite, not from the little girl, but from the mother who had an injured leg, do you remember? She didn’t attack me, she simply gave birth, she was very hungry and jumped at my finger to eat because she hadn’t eaten anything for days. They had to give me that poor creature (…) They had to vaccinate me against rabies because I could probably get it after having The kitten had previously been attacked by a raccoon (…)” she explained through the stories on her Instagram profile.

What fans of the businesswoman who lives in Andorra did not expect is that Osona had brought a kitten with her. A few hours ago, the woman from Madrid decided to share with her audience that both she and her boyfriend had decided to increase their family and permanently adopt one of the kittens they met in Cancun.

”You chose us as family and we couldn’t leave you there,” the influencer wrote as the title of the fun and tender compilation video of the trip back home with the cat. In this piece you can see that they have grown very fond of the animal in a short time.

The video has been very well received by Osona’s followers, who have praised the creator’s action and have sent good wishes for the little animal: ”I’m dying of excitement”, ”It’s going to be a kitten very happy”, ”The best decision you’ve ever made”, ”The universe has brought you together for some reason”, etc.

Shortly after uploading the video, the couple shared through the stories of their Instagram profiles that the kitten is very good and that it seems that he is grateful for everything they have done for him. In addition, Osona has also acknowledged that taking him to Europe was a ”fuss”, but he has clarified that it has been worth it.

”Here he will have all the love he needed and more. The best thing we have done in our life without a doubt,” he wrote to Sanchís’ girlfriend to end the statement by giving more details about the creature.

However, not everything is rosy. Osona has explained on his social networks that, while the cat has adapted perfectly to the house and to them, he cannot fit in with his dog: “He’s terrified of them.”