Marta Torné (46) is one of the best-known faces on television. The Catalan was very clear from the time she was young that communication was her thing and she trained in production studios, to later begin her promising career at radio microphones.

Her first job on television was as a producer, but in 2002 she made it clear that she had to be in front of the camera. First as presenter of a section on Vitamina N, along with Jordi González; that she gave him the opportunity to make the jump to Telecinco, with programs like TNT or Pecado Original.

We have seen her as an actress in such well-known series as El Internado on Antena 3 or the movie Verdadera; and currently, she presents Eufòria, on TV3.

21 years have passed since her first television appearance, and all her followers agree: the communicator has barely changed physically and remains spectacular. She has demonstrated this through her Instagram account, sharing a carousel of images from the last 20 years.

“The years fly by,” Torné writes in the message alongside the images. His followers, as expected, were quick to react to the photographs. “Just as beautiful”, “Beautiful, as always”, some say. ”You are an excellent presenter and actress”, “You look exactly the same” and “It seems as if the years have not passed you by”, others add.

The presenter seems to have found the secret to eternal youth, but she assures that it is just following a healthy lifestyle. “Doing sports and eating well brings out the best version of yourself on a health and physical level. I had never been so good. Since I do a lot of sports and eat super healthy. Not even with 20 years! “She assured Diez Minutos a few years ago.

A lifetime in which we have seen and admired the actress and presenter, who has also been the protagonist of reports in the written press. Her personal life, however, she tries to keep in the strictest anonymity. In 2011, Torné began a romantic relationship with theater director and screenwriter Roger Gual (The Cable Girls), whom she married in June 2015.

The couple has no children, but they do have two pets. The communicator has always been clear that she does not have a maternal instinct, because she seems “very self-sacrificing” to her, but there is no shortage of questions about her lack of offspring.

“My life is very fun and I have a lot of freedom. I suppose that in a few years you will no longer ask me these types of questions because it will be too late, but I don’t want to be a mother because it seems very complicated and sacrificial to me,” the actress said in a recent interview.