At last the great day has come. The soccer player Sergio Rico has been discharged from hospital and has left the Virgen del Rocío Hospital in Seville after spending 83 days in the hospital.

The Andalusian goalkeeper had an accident in the El Rocío pilgrimage with a horse and suffered a head injury, which caused him to have to induce a coma. Due to the injury, Rico spent almost two months in the intensive care unit of the Seville hospital.

After several months of uncertainty and restlessness, the elite athlete began to evolve favorably and was finally transferred to the plant, where he has been recovering in recent weeks.

As soon as he left the hospital door, Sergio Rico addressed the present press and wanted to thank them: ”Good afternoon everyone and thank you. The aneurysm is not completely controlled, but we must maintain a few more months of tranquility and calm. The goalkeeper left the center on his own foot and wanted to express to the media the great gratitude that he feels due to the respect they have had at all times with his family, with his wife and with himself.

One of the people who has suffered the most throughout this process has been his wife, the content creator Alba Silva. The influencer has not separated from Rico at any time and she has always remained positive, despite the circumstances.

This morning, before leaving the hospital and leaving what has been her home for a long and hard few months, Silva uploaded a very special post to her Instagram stories in which she was visibly emotional.

In said image, she can be seen with teary eyes from saying goodbye to some of the toilets who have been taking care of her husband with great affection. It should be said that Silva has spent a lot of time in the hospital, so many of the team members have become great supporters for her.

Although it is a day full of feelings and emotions, Silva found the space to express her gratitude to the doctors, nurses and assistants, since they have been key to her. ”This is how I’ve been saying goodbye to the staff all morning. The true heroes ” wrote the young woman unable to contain the tears that welled up in her eyes.

“To thank the Virgen del Rocío Hospital. To all the health personnel who are spectacular. Despite being in the hospital, we have felt at home at all times. They have treated us super well”, explained the full PSG player of emotion before hundreds of microphones and cameras.

The goalkeeper also wanted to publicly thank his wife for accompanying him, whom he considers “the love of his life” and who has been there at all times: “Give thanks to my wife, who, above all, has spent 20 hours daily with me and the truth is that I am very grateful. And without this support it would not have been possible.