Dozens of designers and firms from our country and from around the world contacted Tamara Falcó when they found out that Isabel Preysler’s daughter had run out of a wedding dress a few weeks after the wedding.

The news came to light when the wedding dress brand Sophie et Voilà publicly announced that it was ceasing its professional relations with the future wife of Íñigo Onieva due to a “contractual breach”.

The Basque brand explained that Falcó wanted a dress that was very similar to that of another company and that his workshop could not afford “to cross certain limits that would jeopardize the original authorship of the design.” This caused a great uproar in the gossip press in our country and made the Marquise de Griñón very angry, who denied that she had requested any plagiarism and accused the firm of leaving her “composed and without a dress.”

During the following days, in the different programs dedicated to this type of journalism and on social networks, the subject has been much commented on and some public figures such as Alessandro Lequio have positioned themselves against Falcó, assuring that “she is not as stupid as she seems ” and that she is to blame for the deal coming to an end.

Be that as it may, the Marquise de Griñón had to get down to work and find a new designer to dress her on the happiest day of her life. Although she finally opted for the Carolina Herrera firm and has already traveled to New York to take her first dress test, Onieva’s girlfriend received many proposals, some very interesting.

Among the different designers who applied to carry out such a feat, the name of Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada stands out. The aristocrat has confessed to the press that she offered to make the dress for Falcó: “I offered it to her. I told Susana but she told me that it was already done. I think all these things are very but I feel sorry for Sophie and on the other because the truth is that it’s a pity but it was very difficult”.

The designer has explained to the media that she is very happy that Isabel Preysler’s daughter has chosen Carolina Herrera and that she sees it as a success: “It’s not that I love Carolina, it’s that I have total adoration for Carolina mother. They’re going to do phenomenal.”

In addition, the one who was a great friend of Mila Ximénez expressed that she already smelled that the thing with the other firm was not going to end very well: ”Since the first day I heard that these girls were going to do it that they did not I knew, I was sure something was going to happen.

There are barely six weeks left for Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva to walk down the aisle and say ‘yes I do’ to become husband and wife. Despite the inconveniences and the media pressure that an event of this caliber entails, the businesswoman is working very hard so that everything goes smoothly.

Once the drama of the dress is over, the collaborator of El Hormiguero is finalizing the details so that everything goes well at the ceremony of their link and at the later invitation that will take place at the El Rincón Palace.