The American actress and model with Mexican roots, Esmeralda Pimentel, visited David Broncano’s ‘La Resistencia’ program, and left several memorable anecdotes. Esmeralda made an original entrance through a refrigerator and surprised the presenter with a very peculiar gift that combined several Mexican traditions.

The gift turned out to be a piñata that Broncano had to break blindfolded, following Mexican tradition.

However, the task was not easy: despite the multiple blows that Broncano gave the piñata, it did not break. The funniest moment came when the stick he was trying to use to break it flew out and almost hit a person in the audience.

The situation became even funnier when, after several failed attempts to break the piñata, Broncano and Pimentel decided to use a bat. Together they finally managed to break the piñata, unleashing a shower of Mexican sweets to the delight of the presenter and the audience.

Esmeralda Pimentel commented with a laugh that the mix of Mexican traditions in her gift was a way to share a little piece of her culture with the Spanish public.

The actress and model not only left a good impression with her friendliness and sense of humor, but also managed to connect with the audience in a unique way, celebrating cultural diversity and giving a moment of fun and surprise on the popular Broncano program.