The night of Wednesday, May 15, 2024 has been forever marked in Pasapalabra’s long history of memorable nights. In program number 1018, after months of failed, skipped and resolved questions under maximum suspense, Óscar Díaz gave the bell and became the owner of the Jackpot, which accumulated a prize of 1,816,000 euros, a year later of Rafa Castaño’s record-breaking feat.

The previous days of promotion by Antena 3, as well as the interview that both Óscar and Moisés had in El Hormiguero before the broadcast of the program, gave way to a Rosco that took both participants to the limit. A total of 25 questions from all areas of general culture, some more complicated than others, which many people tried to guess from their homes. What have these issues been?

(You can find the full list of answers at the end.)

A: Aluminum

B: Barricade

C: Headbutt

D: Descent

E: Sturgeon

F: Fahrenkamp (Emil Fahrenkamp)

G: Galeote

H: Baggy

I: Unpunctuality

J: Vase

L: Limit

M: Maulería

N: Bridal

Ñ: Company

He: Rain

Q: Banner

Q: Sheikh

A: Collect

S: Succumb

T: Cut

In: The killer

V: Summer

X: Oxytocin

Y: Epic

Z: Zarco/a