Sometimes silly laughter has perfect timing, especially when it decides to appear at the least opportune moments. This was exactly what happened to Macarena García during a performance of the play Nuestros Actos Occultos, in which she shared the stage with Carmen Machi.

In an interview given to the Martínez y Hermanos program, García recounted the embarrassing episode that happened to him in the middle of his performance. “I had a bit of a problem with Carmen Machi and laughter. I get fits of laughter and I’m very conducive,” the actress confessed.

This problem manifested itself with disproportionate force during a crucial scene of the play, in which the seriousness of the moment was interrupted by an unexpected burst of laughter shared by the two actresses. “I have to control myself a lot and with Carmen I had big problems because when we looked at each other we couldn’t stop,” she explained.

The incident occurred when Macarena García was going to declare the surrender of her character, who also had problems with alcohol. Instead of following the script and reciting her line, she made a lapse. “There is a moment at the end when I have to say that I am going to give up, but I said that I am going to join. “My character has alcoholism and I say all the time that he has to go into hospital,” García explained about the mistake.

The confusion of words was enough for both actresses to fall into a hilarious fit of laughter that they could not control: “We had a fit of laughter that we couldn’t stop.” According to the actress, she spent “about three minutes making me cry the whole time and wishing that the earth would swallow me.” Machi, for her part, turned around so that no one would see her step out of her role.

This unexpected moment caused the scene to extend much longer than expected. Fortunately, no one in the audience “said anything,” but they did notice that “it was, like, very long.”