Tonight Telecinco broadcasts the last program of its new reality show with celebrities, ¡Vaya Vacaciones! The format produced by Cuarzo Producciones and presented by Lujan Argüelles comes to an end after six weeks on the air, where we have been able to meet eight couples made up of some of the most famous faces on the network.

The eight selected couples had to travel to the Dominican Republic, where they lived together in a luxury resort. But the experience was not going to be so simple. All of them had to face different working days and various physical tests, with the aim of reaching the grand finale of the television space.

But only six of the sixteen contestants who started this adventure have managed to reach the end. Marta Peñate and Tony Spina, Makoke and Javier Tudela and Cristina Porta and Jorge Pérez, are the three finalist couples and the ones that will have to face the most complicated challenges of the program on Thursday night to win the final prize.

In this last installment, the finalists will have to carry out their workday at the Viva Samaná hotel. Each of the couples will have an arduous task ahead. They will have to clean the rooms, change the sheets, pick up the bathroom and make origami with towels. The director of the hotel’s cleaning service, named Saúl, will be in charge of evaluating the work of each duo. The winning couple of the test will get the direct pass for the final test.

The other two couples will have to face an expulsion game, in which only one of them will get the other pass for the grand final. After meeting the two finalist couples, both will have to play three games, in which they will have to accumulate as many points as possible. The couple that manages to defeat the other will win and win the coveted prize of 25,000 euros.

But although many of the format’s followers look forward to meeting the winning couple, the truth is that a few weeks ago, before the program began on Telecinco, Alba Carrillo revealed on her social networks who had won the contest.

The collaborator criticized Mediaset’s decision to include Cristina Porta and Jorge Pérez in the reality show, so she leaked the winners without mincing words. “It gives me the impression that Jorge is going to win. And if you don’t want to know how to pay the people who work there in conditions so that they do not go on the tongue,” she confessed in El Salón del Té. And although many of the space workers told her not to, Carrillo chose to reveal it. “Do not say that Jorge has won the reality show, because you are playing with the bread of all of us who work there,” he assured that one of them told him.