Once again Sonsoles Ónega becomes the protagonist of his program due to one of his unusual reactions. Let us remember that the presenter of Antena 3 Televisión, who since joining the network has established herself as the queen of the evenings, usually throws humor, in addition to throwing more than one dart, at the public or at her collaborators, when she has the opportunity.

Not even the director of Y ahora Sonsoles, Patricia Lennon, is spared from her comments. In fact, this Thursday Ónega’s reaction to a proposal by the director made the latter angry, generating a curious television moment. And it is that, there are situations that, despite whom it weighs, the presenter does not like. Come on, they can’t ask for it.

And now Sonsoles is going from signing to signing. This same week, the Antena 3 Televisión program has incorporated Pilar Vidal, a talk show host from Sálvame, into its portfolio of collaborators, and, just yesterday, Eduardo Navarrete. The designer and former contestant on Maestros de la Costura opened his own fashion section, in which the presenter took center stage.

In this first appearance by Navarrete, the man from Alicante wanted to give a series of tips to rejuvenate older clothes. A method that he explained to the spectators “so as not to throw anything away”, announced Sonsoles Ónega. For this, the designer entered with a donkey of clothes and several garments.

Although at first, Ónega acted as a model to try on some clothes, such as old black gloves. When it came time to talk about a wedding dress from the 40s, things changed for the journalist.

“I don’t wear that, it’s bad luck. Not even kidding! Ónega exclaimed making a fuss, despite the insistence of the collaborator. The presenter’s reaction did not like the program director at all her refusal, and Sonsoles made it known. “The director is angry…”, she assured, “Put it on yourself. Since you are married, you have no problems, ”she reproached the person in charge of directing the program.

Of course, the presenter did take the dress, look at it, and even put it in front of her to see how it would look, which even gave her the opportunity to make a joke. It’s from the 40’s, right? You can see that the bottom is a little dirty, ”she said. “I would take this to the dye and not pick it up,” she joked with a certain sarcasm.

And it is that Sonsoles Ónega forgot to pick up her dress from the dry cleaners after getting married, and when she remembered, the business had already closed. A joke that caused laughter on the set.