They seemed like the idyllic couple, but the relationship between the Argentine singer Nicki Nicole and the Mexican Featherweight has gone down the drain in a matter of days. The reason, the alleged infidelity of the interpreter of Ella Baila Sola, of which her now ex-partner would have found out the day before Valentine’s Day and thanks to social networks.

The 23-year-old rapper did not hesitate to eliminate all traces of her relationship with the Mexican after learning of this alleged infidelity, in addition to sending a strong message through Instagram in which she made it clear that “respect is a necessary part of love.” “. What she probably did not expect is that the third in contention, the influencer Sonia Sahar, would be the one to respond publicly.

“I didn’t know Featherweight had a girlfriend. Sorry.” With these words and sharing Nicki Nicole’s message, Sonia Sahar intends to somehow appease all the harassment she has been receiving since her name was revealed to the public as the woman with whom Featherweight had cheated on her partner. .

“Don’t believe everything you hear in the media. There are always two sides to the story,” he continued. “I’m an influencer, a model, I make my living on social networks,” he continues commenting, denouncing that his main Instagram account has already been blocked due to the amount of spam and complaints received from other users.

“Please wait. Everything will come to light, it’s not what you think,” she insists, before ensuring that she will clarify what is necessary and thanking those who “understand and support” her at this time.

For the moment, Nicki Nicole has not commented on these apologies, continuing with her life and professional commitments and trying to stay away from the rumors of this painful matter.

It all started two days ago, after a video of the Jalisco interpreter with another woman in a Las Vegas casino was made public after attending the Super Bowl, which was played last Sunday.

“It is with great pain that you know that I found out in the same way as you, thank you for the love that you are sending me,” the Argentine singer wrote on her Instagram account. In his message he added that “respect is a necessary part of love” and that “what is loved is respected” and “what is respected is cared for”: “When you are not cared for and when there is no respect… I I’m not staying there. I’m leaving there,” he said.

In addition to her controversial video after the Super Bowl, Sonia Sahar also seemed to be the lucky one who would have spent Valentine’s Day with him, judging by the gift that the singer would have given her and that she later showed on social networks.