The last few hours have shown that Shakira needed a break. Her divorce proceedings with Gerard Piqué are taking longer than expected, and between controversy and data that can become controversial, the Colombian should not give more of herself. That is why the images of her surfing in Miami give a much more refreshing image.

The singer has published on her Instagram account a story in which she surfs the coast of Florida. Shakira seems to have mastered the board and allows herself the luxury of making some celebratory gestures while she rides the waves. With the writing “If there are no waves, they are made!”, the artist thus makes a change of record after all the news that has been coming out in previous days.

The divorce situation between Shakira and the former Barça soccer player Gerard Piqué is still in a dry dock. After the changes that the separation agreement must undergo, the situation has remained somewhat stagnant while waiting for the procedures to be resolved. The native of Barranquilla has chosen to dispense with the services of Pilar Mañé and hire an American law firm, with the intention of resolving the first of the dilemmas as soon as possible: the children’s vacations.

For his part, the president of the Kings League seems to be saving his cards for the coming weeks. Antonio Rossi, a collaborator of El programa de Ana Rosa, revealed a few days ago that the Catalan would have hidden “an ace up his sleeve” to damage Shakira’s public image in the face of custody. The journalist talks about a series of WhatsApp messages, in which “it would be clear that he did not want her children to have a good relationship with their father after the divorce.”

In the midst of all this quagmire, the musical career of the Colombian does not seem to leave the controversies parked either. Despite the fact that the songs in the form of darts directed at Piqué and Clara Chía have already finished, her latest release has not been full of controversy between both parents. And it is that the video clip of ‘Acrostic’ raised blisters when the couple’s children, Sasha and Milan, appeared without the apparent consent of the father.

According to the words that Lorena Vázquez contributed in ‘And now Sonsoles’, the former player had no idea of ​​his children’s cameo until the video clip was not published on digital platforms. “He did not know, nor had he been asked for permission, nor authorization and nor his children, it seems, that they had not told him either,” said the collaborator, thus giving another twist to the controversial separation between the two.