Sebastián Yatra has become one of the most wanted men in the world. In addition to his undeniable talent and the popularity of his nations, the Colombian musician is known in our country for having a very special relationship with the singer Aitana. The artists were a couple and decided to end their relationship, but the publication of a new song together and a series of appearances in public life would have confirmed their romance again.

The media pressure that both singers suffer is impressive. The two have acknowledged on multiple occasions that it is somewhat difficult to deal with, but they have also clarified that they know that it is the price to pay for being able to make a living from their music.

The popularity of the performer of Tacones rojo, Quererte bonito or Dos oruguitas is so high that having been chosen to star on the new cover of Men’s Health magazine has caused a great social stir. It is known to all that Yatra is an athletic man who has played various sports such as football or tennis all his life. However, the boy has worked hard to offer the best version of himself in the media’s photo shoot.

The artist published the cover a few hours ago on his social networks after it had been leaked on different platforms such as X (social network previously known as Twitter).

”Someone leaked the cover. So, here I share it with you at once. The before and after at the end is very heavy. Thank you for everyone who accompanied me in this challenge and transformation,” the young artist wrote on Instagram, highlighting the fact that he has changed a lot physically.

In the photograph that crowns the magazine and in some of the interior that he has shared on his networks, you can see how the 29-year-old man is much more muscular and muscular than before, something of which he feels visibly proud.

As expected, hundreds of Internet users have echoed the photography and have dedicated compliments and good words to the artist who decided to accept the challenge of the largest men’s magazine in the world.

”The body I aspire to”, ”God bless the nut, the screw, the tire of the truck that brought the cement to make the pavement where this monument is walking”, ”Tell me about those pectorals”, ”My goodness”, ”How spectacular”, etc., are some of the comments that can be read on the photos that Yatra has published.