The married life of Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva continues to give a lot of talk. The couple was undoubtedly the main protagonist of last year due to their highly anticipated wedding, celebrated last July, and the continuous controversies that arose before the wedding and after it. And although the couple is about to complete their first seven months of marriage, rumors about a possible crisis between them continue to be the order of the day.

Furthermore, an alleged dispute between the Marchioness of Griñón and the businessman in a well-known restaurant in the capital a few days ago generated more speculation about the bad moment that the couple was going through. The queen of hearts, Isabel Preysler, spoke about all these rumors of crisis this past Tuesday, while she was enjoying the Madrid night. ”Everything is fine, everything is fine,” declared Tamara Falcó’s mother before the EuropaPress microphones.

Likewise, the Marchioness of Griñón chose a few days ago to spend the night at her mother’s house, despite the spectacular penthouse she has on her property and that she shares with her current husband, Íñigo Onieva. A movement that did not go unnoticed and that once again generated numerous rumors.

However, it seems that the couple is better than what is being implied. This was confirmed by journalist Daniel Carante this Wednesday on the set of And Now Sonsoles. ”Nothing about crisis at all. Tamara is better than ever, she is happy with Íñigo. “She’s going to her mother’s house but since she can go to dinner or pick up something, it’s not that they’re angry at all,” he declared.

Regarding the diet that the businessman is following to regain his physical shape, the Antena 3 collaborator explained that Íñigo continued with a strict diet and that he was losing weight. In addition, the journalist confirmed that Onieva continued to maintain the bachelor apartment that she had in the center of Madrid. ”It’s because he uses it as an office, he doesn’t use it at home,” he clarified.

”Tamara’s entourage told me that they were surprised by the radical change that Íñigo has made. Remember that he was a party animal and he doesn’t go out as much anymore. Three weeks ago was the anniversary of the nightclub where he worked and he didn’t attend,” commented Daniel Carante.