Javier García-Obregón and Eugenia Gil said ‘I do’ on May 1 in one of the most anticipated weddings of the year. Paloma Lago’s son married his girlfriend in the Church of San Fermín de los Navarros, in Madrid. Friends and family traveled there, who had to wait longer than expected for the start of the ceremony. Now the reason why the wedding started 45 minutes later than planned has been revealed.

Javier was the first to arrive. With the usual nerves of a groom, he headed inside the temple to wait for his future wife. However, Eugenia did not arrive at the agreed time. The bride was late for more than 45 minutes, and this caused great uncertainty among those attending. After this time, the bride appeared radiant in the temple, calming everyone present.

Javier’s wife looked spectacular in a dress from the AnmarGo brand. The garment stood out for the absence of sleeves, the straight skirt and classic details. However, the most striking thing was the original bow at the back that gave a different shape than the usual one in a wedding dress train. After this delay, the couple left the chapel smiling and assured the press that nothing serious had happened, but what really happened? In the last few hours, it has been the magazine ¡Hola! who has revealed it.

According to the aforementioned media, Eugenia was installed in the Relais hotel

There are many reasons that have been given in recent days, such as that she was displeased with her makeup and hair. She was by no means like that, and she also had no doubt about her feelings for Javier, something that she had also mentioned to herself. It was just a setback, which has already become an anecdote to tell about her wedding day.

The truth is that it was a very emotional wedding. One of the most outstanding moments, without a doubt, was the memory of Aless Lequio. It was Ana Obregón herself who revealed it to the press when she left the chapel, very excited. And the actress could not be more proud and grateful to her nephew, with whom she has a very special relationship.