The Asunta case or My stuffed reindeer continue to be at the top of the most viewed series on Netflix Spain. However, other May releases seem to have made their way into that select group of success – at least until the Bridgertons arrive in just a week. This is the case of Todo un hombre, a miniseries of just seven episodes that is already on its way to being number one on the platform.

A whole man is captivating viewers, and no wonder, because when a script is inspired by a novel as powerful as the one of the same name written by the award-winning Tom Wolfe; and they have protagonists of the stature of Jeff Daniels (The Newsroom) or Diane Lane (Man of Steel), success is practically assured.

Charlie Croker (Daniels), an Atlanta real estate magnate, who loses his immense fortune of 800 million dollars. Various political, economic and social forces fight each other as he attempts to defend the empire from those who want to take advantage of his fall from grace; all this in a city of Atlanta that is full of sociopolitical, economic and racial conflicts.

A premise that could not be simpler, but that will allow the viewer to immerse themselves in a series of intertwined stories that Wolfe exploits in his novel, and that has been compiled into seven episodes of just 45 minutes each that will appeal to fans of other films. series with sociopolitical content, such as Succession.

An elite world, in which Croker, a middle-aged man who goes from living a life of luxury as one of the greats who is also a former college football star, to not knowing what to do with the bank loans and unpaid debts.

A man who has been overcome by his enormous ego and ambition, who will finally see how reality finds him. Thus, he must give his all while becoming the revenge obsession of one of his rivals, Raymond Peepgrass (Tom Pelphrey), who only wanted to earn his respect and attention.

An ending that viewers do not expect and that, very much in Wolfe’s style, will give a lot to think about each and every one of the stories of each of the characters that accompany Croker in this very complicated moment in his life; which will also give a different vision of the very disparate worlds that make up contemporary America.

The miniseries, created by David E. Kelly – who already created Anatomy of a Scandal for Netflix and Big Little Lies or The Undoing for HBO Max – is set to become one of the platform’s successes. Jeff Daniels and Diane Lane are joined by¬†Lucy Liu, Sarah Jones, Tom Pelphrey and William Jackson Harper, among others.