‘Sueños de Libertad’, starring Natalia Sánchez, Alain Hernández and Dani Tatay, has returned another day to the small screen with an exciting episode. In the latest installment of the successful Antena 3 series, family conflicts reach their peak when Julia confronts Begoña about Jesús’ distant attitude towards her. Meanwhile, Fina finds herself in the middle of an emotional confrontation with her father, who blames her for her sexual orientation. Tension intensifies at the market when María loses a customer and unfairly blames Gema, sparking a confrontation between them.

On the other hand, Tasio receives an unexpected gift from Damián, while Gonzalo and Tasio himself conspire to obtain privileged information about the new perfume. Claudia faces the difficult decision of revealing her pregnancy to Don Agustín, while Begoña confronts Jesús about her attitude towards Julia. The night culminates in a dramatic turn when a young criminal breaks into the store, resulting in a tragic stabbing of Fina as Carmen and Marta look on.

In the next episode of ‘Sueños de Libertad’, Fina is in critical condition after being stabbed during an attack in the store, where Mateo is also injured while trying to intervene. While Carmen desperately searches for Dr. Luz, she quickly arrives to save Fina’s life, whose condition shocks everyone.

Meanwhile, in the midst of the family crisis, Marta confesses to Jaime her own infidelity and the importance of that person in her life, which triggers an emotional confrontation. The tension increases when Jesús reacts violently after discovering that Julia has lied to him, then disappearing in the midst of Begoña’s anguish. But tragedy hits even harder when it is reported that Jesus has suffered a serious car accident, plunging everyone into a state of shock and worry.