The Promise has returned to the small screen one more day with a most exciting episode. In the latest installment of the Spanish Television La 1 series, the interest of Santos, La Promesa’s new lackey, towards Vera persists in a blatant manner, leading him to try to kiss her by force, which triggers a vigorous slap from The maid. This situation worries Salvador, who fears for Vera’s safety and is also concerned about María Fernández’s possible departure to the palace of the Dukes of Abrontes for a definitive interview.

On the other hand, Curro’s decision to enlist in the war has generated widespread commotion in La Promesa. With the exception of Lorenzo and Cruz, everyone tries to persuade him to change his mind, although the young man remains firm in his determination. Meanwhile, Captain de la Mata and the marchioness celebrate the news, seeing in Curro’s enlistment a possibility of getting rid of him permanently. Furthermore, Catalina and Pelayo experience a rapprochement that renews their ties, but they are unaware that Cruz has hatched an evil plan to keep Catalina away from the jam business, manipulating Alonso to permanently separate her from her.

In the next chapter of The Promise, Jana is determined to stop Curro from joining the war in Europe, and seeks Salvador’s help to persuade him, reminding him of her own experience in the war in Africa. Meanwhile, Manuel also intervenes in an attempt to dissuade the boy, and during their confrontation, he discovers the true reason behind Curro’s decision: the pain of Martina’s lack of love.

On the other hand, Catalina, desperate to keep the jam business afloat, turns to Pelayo in search of funds from arms trafficking to expand the company. Meanwhile, Cruz is determined to discredit Catalina in Alonso’s eyes to stay in charge. Additionally, Candela responds to Simona’s request and visits Antoñito, hoping that Norberta will reveal the truth about Virtues. However, once again, uncertainty arises as to whether this action will help or worsen the situation.

Finally, Santos surprises Vera by revealing that he has known her secret since she arrived at La Promesa, and begins to blackmail her, setting a deadline for her to reveal the truth about her past and her origins.