The Promise has returned to the small screen one more day with a most exciting episode. In the latest installment of the Spanish Television La 1 series, the worst news has been confirmed: Jimena’s death. His last gasp before his mother and the Duchess of Infantes has unleashed panic, confirming fears of a fatal outcome. The tragedy has broken the fragile ties between two feuding families, while Abel faces Manuel’s accusations for his role in the tragic outcome, triggering a tense confrontation in which Jana is also involved.

Meanwhile, Cruz, frustrated by the failure of the jam business, seeks answers from Pelayo about the reasons behind the business breakup with Cavendish and the cancellation of the wedding with Catalina. At the same time, the marchioness unfairly claims the money in Vera’s briefcase as her own. On the other hand, Petra continues to distrust the relationship between Ayala and Margarita, but the young man tries to calm her suspicions with signs of affection and promises that everything is part of a plan. Meanwhile, Salvador is upset by the arrival of Ricardo Pellicer as the new butler, which causes tensions in the service, especially with Pía, who repeatedly clashes with the newcomer. Meanwhile, Lope confronts Vera about the origin of the briefcase with money, unleashing a series of revelations about the secrets surrounding his partner and her fortune.

In the next chapter of The Promise, the revelation about the origin of Vera’s money is on everyone’s lips, but Lope has his own ideas about how to handle that fortune. Meanwhile, Manuel faces a difficult decision regarding Abel after their confrontation. Will he choose to fire him from The Promise?

On the other hand, Virtudes’ fate remains uncertain, but Simona and Candela are determined not to stand by while they watch the young woman suffer. Meanwhile, Martina faces a dilemma when she realizes that she cannot interfere in the relationship between Ayala and Margarita.