The Promise has returned to the small screen one more day with a most exciting episode. In the latest installment of the Spanish Television La 1 series, Jimena, in her eagerness to discover the identity of Manuel’s lover, comes across compromising images of him with Jana in the hangar, revealing their multiple romantic escapades, including a trip to Galicia. This discovery confirms Jimena’s suspicions and leads her to discover that Manuel’s true lover is her maid, not Blanca Palomar as she had initially thought.

This discovery places Jimena in a position of power, aware that this clandestine relationship would put an end to her marriage and the Lujáns’ reputation. Determined to keep Manuel at her side, Jimena will use this knowledge as an ace up her sleeve to avoid her divorce. Meanwhile, Manuel, oblivious to his wife’s revelations, shares with his parents the hope of obtaining a marriage annulment due to Jimena’s deceptions, but this plan is cut short when his betrayal with Jana comes to light. the light. The tragedy reaches its climax with Jimena’s dramatic suicide, leaving everyone in a state of shock and with an uncertain future for Manuel.

In the next chapter of The Promise, the impact of Jimena’s tragic suicide has plunged both the lords and the service into a state of shock, leaving a shadow of regret over The Promise. However, problems persist even in the midst of this tragedy. Simona is still worried about her daughter, while Lope can’t get the fact that the briefcase with money belongs to Vera out of her mind.

Additionally, Pelayo will look for answers and ask Catalina for explanations about the events that led to Jimena’s death. Meanwhile, Rómulo, as he had previously announced to Salvador and Pía, has decided to bring a friend of his, Ricardo Pellicer, to fill the position of butler. Pellicer is known for his distant and snotty attitude, which will surely bring a noticeable change in the service dynamic at The Promise.