The Promise has returned to the small screen one more day with a most exciting episode. In the latest installment of the Spanish Television La 1 series, the Dukes of the Infantes have faced a crossroads: the solution for their daughter and Manuel’s marriage is to move to Madrid.

Jimena, desperate to save the relationship, has begged Manuel for a chance, while dealing with suspicions about Margarita’s fake pregnancy. On the other hand, Lorenzo has closed business details with Mr. Cavendish, while Catalina, in the shadows, listens to key conversations.

In the domestic sphere, cooks concerned about Virtues have consulted Doctor Bueno, who offers reassuring explanations. Finally, Vera and María Fernández have found a point of rapprochement after a tense situation.

Faced with pressure from his parents and in-laws to go to Madrid, Manuel will be clear: he will not separate from Jana. Faced with this situation, Jimena will not sit idly by. The young woman knows that if Abel told the truth about her pregnancy, any chance with Manuel would disappear, so she will make a surreal decision.

Salvador will confess to María that he is convinced that if Rómulo has made it so difficult for him, it is because he already has someone for the position. The young man will want to leave the palace, as will Virtues. Finally, Lorenzo will have a revealing conversation with Cavendish in which they speak openly about the end of the Count of Añil.