The Promise has returned to the small screen one more day with a most exciting episode. In the latest installment of the Spanish Television La 1 series, the news of Jerónimo’s murder shakes both the lords and the service of La Promesa, triggering a deep commotion. While Sergeant Funes begins the investigation, it is suspected that the crime was committed by thieves during an attempted robbery. Abel pressures Jimena to reveal the truth about her fake pregnancy, but she is reluctant, aware that this could make her already fractured marriage even worse. Although Jimena proposes living in separate bedrooms within La Promesa as a last attempt to keep up appearances, Manuel is no longer willing to accept this situation.

Meanwhile, Jana and Alonso engage in a revealing conversation about how to heal the wounds of the past, without the marquis suspecting that he is talking to the daughter of the woman he loved. Salvador finally shares his idea of ​​a “non-wedding” with María Fernández, but she convinces him to give up on this plan. Lope, for her part, urges her friend to investigate with him the reason behind the constant confrontations between their respective partners.

In the next episode of ‘The Promise’, the atmosphere in The Promise is still full of tension after Jerónimo’s death. While Cruz fears a possible investigation in the palace, Lorenzo will devise a plan to avoid any setback. However, the captain has problems of his own, since he is aware of Cavendish’s plans to attack Pelayo and demands that this new death not involve them. Meanwhile, Pelayo decides to reveal part of the truth to Catalina about the danger they face by associating with the English trafficker, although Manuel is firmly opposed to Jimena staying in La Promesa and proposes a new plan for their marriage, leaving it up in the air. Jimena’s decision.

On the other hand, Salvador and Lope try to mediate between María Fernández and Vera to understand their mutual animosity, but their efforts are unsuccessful. Meanwhile, Don Rómulo looks for a new first lackey and María encourages Salvador to apply, despite his doubts due to a past failure. Finally, Abel brings Jana and Manuel together to be completely honest with them and finally reveal the truth that he has been hiding.