Love is in the air in the Big Brother 8 house. Luitingo was expelled expressing his love for Jessica Bueno and has returned to the house with the intention of winning her over. The relationship, at the moment only a friendship, seems to be going further. The looks, the gestures, the silences, the sighs of resignation indicate this.

Jessica and Luitingo have shared intimate moments, marked by sincere words and delicate gestures. In one particular meeting, Jessica relieved Luitingo’s tension with a hand massage, while he listened to her words: “Things are as they are. Not as you would like or as I would like.” These small acts are sowing doubt among viewers about the true nature of their relationship.

In parallel, Jessica’s family situation has entered the scene. During a surprise visit of hers, her mother reassured her about her partnering outside of the program, encouraging her to enjoy the experience without worry. Jessica, aware of the cameras, said she didn’t want to disappoint anyone, to which her mother responded with understanding and trust. But she also asked him to “keep your hand relaxed.”

The situation in the house has been even more complicated with the presence of Pilar Llori, Luitingo’s ex-partner. The tension is palpable, as Pilar experiences first-hand the growing closeness between Luitingo and Jessica. This has caused a direct conflict with Alba, Pilar’s sister, who has not hesitated to confront Jessica face to face because of her behavior.

Alba has gone up to Guadalix’s house to dot her i’s. The Sevillian model had the possibility of answering in exchange for money being deducted from the final prize, so she preferred to listen to what Alba had to say without replying. And it was not little.

The sister and defender, despite making it clear that her problem is with Luitingo, wanted to remind Jessica that she is committing the same thing that she warned one day: “I remember when you told my sister when she started with Luis to be careful because he had one person out and now I think you’re falling into the same thing.”

In addition, he assured her that “the lack of empathy you are having with my sister hurts” by not having, in his opinion, respect in her flirting. And, if that were not enough, she has launched a direct accusation against Luitingo: “Everything that Pilar has told you has been true. The person who put your name on a set without consulting you was Luis.”