The last days have been agitated around the movements in Mediaset. The already well-known closure of Sálvame has been added to information initially published by various media and later denied by the group itself: the possible departure of Pedro Piqueras, who has already been in charge of Informativos Telecinco for 17 years.

The veteran journalist could disappear from the news screens at the end of the current television season, despite the fact that, for the moment, Mediaset has not officially confirmed it. What is already known is the identity of the presenters who will replace Piqueras during the summer, a time in which the main communicators of each chain always take a well-deserved vacation.

According to the information published by Algo Pasa TV on its social networks, Carme Chaparro and Alba Lago are the two journalists chosen by the communication group to lead Informativos Telecinco during the summer months, in the place of Pedro Piqueras. They will present, therefore, the 9:00 p.m. edition of the information space, which currently corresponds to the Albacete communicator.

Both Chaparro and Lago are already known by the audience of the Mediaset network. The first of them has been linked to the corporation for nearly 25 years and is especially remembered for its time at the weekend edition of Informativos Telecinco, from where it made the leap to the now-defunct Cuatro news in 2017. More recently, it has been put in front of Cuatro al día in the same chain.

With regard to Alba Lago, his journey on Telecinco started a decade ago. The journalist herself was initially in charge of the meteorological space, after the departure of Mario Picazo, and later as a news presenter. In addition, she was already a regular substitute for Piqueras for some years due to his possible absences.

Carme and Alba will appear on the screens of Informativos Telecinco during the months of July and August, as Algo Pasa TV has also confirmed. What is still unknown is what will happen to the space from September, with the start of the new season and given the information that points to the departure of Pedro Piqueras. With all this, Mediaset continues its profound renewal process.