Your face sounds familiar to me returns to the small screen with a season full of news. The eleventh edition of the successful television program has begun with a very special gala, in which artists such as Falete and Merche have participated.

The edition features celebrities from both the world of television and social networks: Raquel Sánchez Silva, David Bustamante, Juanra Bonet, Conchita, Raoul Vázquez, Supremme de Luxe, Julia Medina, Valeria Ros and Miguel Lago will star in unique moments.

The gala began with an incredible tribute to Carmen Sevilla, Concha Velasco and María Jiménez. Roko, Merche and Falete were in charge of imitating the legends who left us a few months ago. After the performance, Manel Fuentes gave way to the jury, formed once again by Carlos Latre, Lolita, Chenoa and Àngel Llàcer.

After introducing Latre and Lolita, Manel went on to introduce the former triumph: “Next to her, she is not Ilia Topuria, but she has a lot of hook. We have seen her in ‘El Desafío’ and here she is as always, Chenoa.” Just at that moment, Àngel Llàcer threw a dart at his partner: “Very good, Chenoa, in ‘El Desafío’. Very good…”.

Llàcer admits to having followed Chenoa during her time on the program, “but she is always suffering from the chabala, but why did you go?” Faced with this bashing, the singer answered without mincing words: “But, what do you want me to do? Well, if it’s going to be difficult, they are very tough tests. You wouldn’t even last the first stage. Come on, man…”.