Today the new La Resistencia program had the presenter Mónica Carrillo as a guest. The writer went to the theater set to chat with the presenter, David Broncano, about her career and her passion for writing.

The guest entered with a standing ovation from the public present. Broncano asked her if she was a little nervous. Monica remembered that David had already interviewed her on a radio program. ”You were there eating a banana while you were interviewing me,” she confessed. Monica said she didn’t like people bringing fruit to the workplace.

In addition, the writer assured that they had also agreed to a concert and had also eaten together. The guest confessed that she had forgotten to bring a gift, but she gave him a dark chocolate alfajor. Monica told her that she watches and likes the program. To record the news from Antena 3, the guest said that they have eight cameras and some are virtual reality.

Suddenly, the person presented asked him if he had ever taken a strong drug. She replied that no, none. As for alcohol, she confessed that she did drink from time to time. David also asked him if they had dealings with the presenters of other programs. ”We get along very well,” she would say.

Although it was not going to promote anything visual, the program took images of Monica in different cameos in series and movies. ”I’m a bit typecast,” she said. She wants to be called to play a role in an audiovisual project.

For the moment the interview was going well, so much so that the writer wanted to put herself in Broncano’s place because she likes to interview more. ”I am a poorly interviewed interviewee,” said Broncano. The guest replied: “You are also a bad interviewer.”

The interview suddenly made a reversal of roles. Monica began to interview David as if she were the guest. The presenter threw the classic questions of the program at him. About the Broncano money, she replied that she had 3 million euros. After a minute each one returned to her place. The writer announced that her new book, The Wind Will Take Us, had gone on sale on the same Wednesday, March 15.

Monica explained that she hardly writes on paper and has lost a lot of practice. Broncano suddenly asked her if she has the fridge organized for food. They also said that splitting the medicines in half to take less doses is not good, because she is released before her time. The guest said that she has good friends but not too many.

It was time for Monica to really answer the classic questions. As for the money that she has, the guest said: “It comes out to pay me.” Some words that the presenter questioned. Regarding sexual relations in the last month, the presenter responded: “More than you think, less than I deserve.” Broncano congratulated him on that response, which left him speechless.