In ‘Survivors: last minute’, Miriam Pérez-Cabrero, known as Miri, opened up sincerely in front of Pedro García Aguado in an intimate moment in the cage at Playa Olimpo.

Destined to the Playa Olimpo cage after having broken the rules of the program in her attempt to get Paolo back, the Spanish model, actress and cook, recognized for her participation in ‘MasterChef Spain’, revealed her thoughts on relationships in the reality show .

“My judgments have been fulfilled,” Miri confessed, referring to the perceptions she had had about certain fellow adventurers on the island. In an environment where alliances frequently change and affinities are tested, Miri shared her reflections on the difficulty of forging true friendships in such a challenging television environment: “We are not friends. Making friends on a television show is a bit complicated.”

Pedro García Aguado, present in the conversation, provided his perspective on the ephemeral nature of relationships in the program. “Affinities change according to events,” he noted, pointing to the volatility of connections in an environment as intense as that of ‘Survivors’.

Pedro also expressed his vision about the difference between closeness and true friendship. “I have affinity, closeness, trust… but friendship, the word friendship that encompasses many things, that is generated in the future when you leave here,” he explained, highlighting the importance of time and the shared experience outside the cameras to consolidate lasting ties.