Last morning on May 8, a fire broke out in the house of actress Mariana Denderián, in Chile. The protagonist of My beautiful genius was inside her, as were her two children, Leticia (9) and Pedro (6). The actress managed to save the life of her daughter, but not that of the child, who did not manage to leave the house safely. Her ex-husband also remains in an induced coma.

The news of the loss of the little one has hit the international press, and condolences come from all corners of the world. Valentina Saini spoke about this tragedy in Dedicados, in FMDOS Chile, and the renowned psychiatrist Marian Rojas Estapé, who could not help but reflect on what happened, in addition to a confession: she also lost her brother.

“I have experienced a very similar situation, my brother died in an accident when I was little,” the psychiatrist begins by revealing, saying that he died after drowning in a pool. An incident that left both her and her parents forever marked.

“It was terrible. I was aware of the situation. I lived it. I saw my parents suffer,” she says, adding that they were lucky to have their faith, “which helps.”

The psychiatrist goes on to explain how, as human beings, we deal with these types of situations, to which our brain tries to make our body react in the best possible way.

“In this type of terrible situations, two things happen: one is the one who suffers it, another is the closest environment and then there is the one who observes it as an audience, who automatically activates the concept of “mirror neurons”, empathy, the ‘ ‘How would I react to this?’ Our brain has mechanisms to manage these types of dramatic extreme situations,” explains Rojas Estapé.

The psychiatrist, who once again regrets the sad death of little Pedro and the situation his family is going through. “One of these is a very severe trauma, and I am very sorry for what this poor mother is going to go through in the near future. A state of shock, denial, anger, suffering… she is going to need a lot of support, especially in the face of the feeling of guilt,” she says.

As reported by the Chilean media, the actress acted immediately trying to rescue her children from danger and managed to take the girl to a safe place, but unfortunately she could not reach the child’s room in time, who was trapped by the flames. In his bedroom. Both Denderián and his ex-partner, the journalist Francisco Aravena, did everything possible to reach Pedro.

Aravena, alerted by Derderián, rushed to the scene and joined the rescue efforts, but unfortunately did not manage to arrive in time. The man suffered severe burns to his respiratory system that forced him to be rushed to hospital. According to the latest information, Mariana Derderián left the clinic and is at her sister’s house. Francisco Aravena, although not in danger, remains in an induced coma.