Carlo Costanzia and Alejandra Rubio were surprising as one of the new couples of 2024. A relationship that generated a real media hurricane taking into account that they were two children of celebrities of the stature of Mar Flores and Terelu Campos, but it seems that they were strengthens as time goes by.

Since the first images of the two together were published in Semana magazine last February, details of this romance have been known. This same weekend, the couple appeared very much in love on the set of Friday! and now we know another detail: Alejandra Rubio and Mar Flores would have already had a first meeting.

Apparently, Terelu Campos’ daughter already knows her mother-in-law, or at least that is what Amor Romeira, a Fiesta collaborator, claims. According to the Canarian, Alejandra Rubio already knows Mar Flores in person, after she accompanied Carlo to see her while she was enjoying dinner on a terrace with some of her friends.

As Amor Romeira relates, Alejandra and Mar Flores met for the first time last Saturday night on the well-known terrace of a restaurant in the heart of Madrid’s Gran Vía. Apparently, the former model was having dinner at the restaurant, and it was she who went up to the terrace, where her son was with her partner.

“They hug, they kiss. The meeting is very friendly and there is a very good vibe. They are together for an hour,” explains the collaborator, who also highlights an important detail: it is the first time that Mar Flores is seen with her first-born after the controversy. “There has been reconciliation,” she concludes.

She is not the only one, because Carlo Costanzia also knows his mother-in-law. As confirmed by Carmen Borrego in Así es la vida, the young man already knows his sister. “I do know that they have met… I haven’t met him, but I don’t have any problem knowing him either,” her aunt said. The young man also confirmed it, ensuring that it was something “cordial” and that he did not expect “anything different.”

The relationship between the young people is going from strength to strength, and this could be seen in the television intervention of Mar Flores’ son, who last weekend sat on ¡De Viernes! to talk about various topics, among which was his relationship with Terelu Campos’ daughter. The young man told details about how their romance began, and Carlo was honest like never before.

“It is very difficult to find a person who is in bad times, that is the fundamental thing,” he responded, when asked what were the three things he liked most about Alejandra Rubio. “Why do I have to say three things when I would say ten thousand?”