Your face sounds familiar to me comes to television another Friday. The Antena 3 musical competition broadcasts today the second gala of the eleventh edition, which has come loaded with incredible moments, such as the one starring David Bustamante and Manel Fuentes.

Everything happened thanks to the actions of Miguel Lago. The comedian was preparing his weekly performance with the song ‘Algo pequeñito’, by Daniel Diges. The singer himself helped Miguel Lago during his performance, even acting with him.

The Eurovision representative in 2010 has reviewed his time at the festival, thanks to which he achieved fifteenth position. “I want to remember that we finished seventh, but very well, cheer up,” said Bustamante, laughing.

Even though the former triumph said it as a joke, Manel Fuentes took the opportunity to throw a dart at him: “You were a showgirl, don’t get upset either” to which Bustamante responded: “And the showgirls are not important? What with those laps I almost sprained twice.”

It is not the first dart of this edition. Last week, Manel

introduced Chenoa, pointing out: “Next to her, she is not Ilia Topuria, but she has a lot of hook. We have seen her in ‘El Desafío’ and here she is as always, Chenoa.” Just at that moment, Àngel Llàcer threw a dart at his partner: “Very good, Chenoa, in ‘El Desafío’. Very good…”.

Llàcer admits to having followed Chenoa during her time on the program, “but the girl is always suffering, but why did you go?” Faced with this bashing, the singer answered without mincing words: “But, what do you want me to do? Well, it’s going to be hard, they are very tough tests. You wouldn’t even last the first stage. Come on, man…”.