La Mala Rodríguez went to La Resistencia last Wednesday to present her new single, Sombrilla; and she managed to revolutionize David Broncano, collaborators, the attendees present at the Arlequín Theater on Gran Vía and those who watched the program at home through Movistar. It’s not for less, because she managed to make the presenter angry by asking him during his interview about the size and thickness of her penis.

In the talk, María Rodríguez talked about how women’s breasts are measured to choose a bra in corsetry. The artist explained how the contour was measured, measured in centimeters; and the cup, which went by letter. Later, she added that the same was done with her penis. Therefore, she wanted to know what his size was.

“The cup would be the thickness, A, B, C and C plus of Omar Montes (…) It is a value that must be taken into account. It does not mean that it is the most important thing, but it is an added value”, he explained , to later ask Broncano about his, being instantly applauded by the public.

“How is Omar Montes going to have (size) c plus? Canal Plus has told you the same,” the presenter joked, to answer the compromising question below: “B plus. Between B and C.” The singer, satisfied, wanted to clarify: “I don’t care, but to take it into account.”

A conversation that was totally out of the interview they were having, but that had its reasons. As the artist commented, the question came after a trip to the Dominican Republic in which, in a program in which she went to be interviewed, she was asked about her bra size.

“It was on a music program. It seemed to me that women are always classified that way. Well, I think this is cool because that’s how we also classify men,” he explained.