One more night, a new Survivors 2023 gala has landed on Telecinco. A gala that has been marked by the return on set of one of the most beloved faces in the history of Survivors 2023: Lara Álvarez.

The Asturian communicator has reappeared in the adventure reality show to tell all the details of her new project on Telecinco: the new version of Me slips, a program in which a group of great Spanish comedians participate in challenges in which they put test your improvisational skills and spontaneity.

Lara Álvarez has entered the set of Survivors and has been applauded by the public. The presenter has been as close and smiling as usual and she has taken the opportunity to congratulate the Telecinco reality team.

“What you do is historic. Really, every time I see Survivors I am moved. My heart is divided, it has been eight years, I have learned a lot from this program, from that team that is my Honduran family that I know is there right now watching me from the control in Cayo Menor”, commented the presenter.

“It had to be here in Survivors to be able to tell you about my new project which is It slips me. It is a group of very crazy comedians.

“With very crazy, classic tests. We are going to generate that fun, rascal, hooligan atmosphere… that we like so much”, has summed up the Asturian presenter