Almost a year has passed since Sálvame came to an end, when Mediaset decided to cancel the format presented by Jorge Javier Vázquez presented for more than a decade. A decision that forced its collaborators to explore new possibilities in today’s wide television world. From Every Man for Himself on Netflix to the new Quickie Channel initiative on Twitch.

After a last-minute name change, Even if we were Shhh has premiered in style on the live broadcast platform, becoming the most viewed broadcast on Twitch and YouTube in all of Spain. A first incursion by former Telecinco collaborators that included a surprise guest: Kiko Hernández, who called María Patiño live to speak with them.

The presenter and theater actor, who is currently performing The Wedding of the Year with his partner Fran Antón, commented how much he missed his allies after having lived a multitude of adventures and entertaining moments with them in Miami. Likewise, he has had the opportunity to briefly comment on some of the current issues in the social chronicle, such as the situation of the Campos family.

Minutes before, Kiko Matamoros had responded forcefully to Alejandra Rubio: “What has happened hurts me, what I understand as a disgusting betrayal. It is up to me to tell her here and to her face when I see her what I truly feel and what I have felt and what it seems to me. I don’t care if he denies it, it is evidence and it is recorded here. I repeat: I have ammunition to get rid of you. They have sent me recordings of her.”

Given these forceful words, his namesake has assured that it was time for someone to “put the members of the Campos clan in their place,” even questioning where the lawsuit was that they were theoretically going to file against him. Likewise, the man from Madrid had words for Mediaset after learning of the challenge of the first program: reaching 200 paying subscribers to start the program this Thursday at the doors of Fuencarral.

“Fourteen years of working hard to fill our pockets, you have to have a lot of nerve,” said the former collaborator of the private group, after many of the collaborators who participated in the Netflix program have not set foot in their studios again. Likewise, he confirmed that once the performances of The Wedding of the Year are over, which concludes on May 24, he would stop by the Canal Quickie set to participate in the program.