The popular Desalia 2024 festival, organized by Ron Barceló, will be the scene of the reunion of Kiko Rivera and Anabel Pantoja. The event, which will be held from May 22 to 26 in Maspalomas (Gran Canaria), promises to be one of the most notable events of the summer, bringing together more than a thousand guests, including numerous influencers, artists and celebrities.

Kiko Rivera, who has gained notoriety in the music scene with his electro-Latin style, will perform as one of the festival’s main DJs. His participation in Desalia 2024 marks a significant opportunity to resume his relationship with his cousin Anabel Pantoja, after several years of family tensions. This reunion could be a step towards reconciliation within the Pantoja family.

Anabel, an influential figure on social networks, will also be present at the event, accompanied by other well-known influencers and streamers such as Paula Gonu, Nil Ojeda and Jorge Cyrus. The presence of Anabel and Kiko at the same event has generated expectations among their followers, who hope to see a positive interaction between the cousins.

The Desalia festival, which marks the start of the summer festival season, will feature performances by prominent artists. Ptazeta, one of the most important figures in reggaeton, will be the headliner on the blank night of the festival. Together with her, Danny Romero and DJ Nano will ensure an unforgettable musical experience for attendees.

In addition to musical performances, Desalia 2024 will offer a variety of exclusive activities and events for its guests. Entertainment figures such as Angy Fernández and Adam Jezierski, both known for their participation in the series ‘Physics or Chemistry’, will also meet again in this festive setting, contributing to the atmosphere of nostalgia and celebration.

The festival, which has chosen the paradisiacal setting of Maspalomas for this year’s edition, has established itself as a meeting platform for the most influential faces of the moment. The combination of music, sun and networking promises a unique experience for all attendees, making Desalia 2024 an unmissable event on the summer calendar.