Kendall Toole bids farewell to her Peloton family after nearly five years of being a part of the fitness company. In a heartfelt Instagram post on June 13, the 31-year-old instructor expressed gratitude for the life-changing opportunity and personal growth she experienced during her time at Peloton.

While Toole acknowledged that this chapter was closing, she assured her followers that it was not the end but a shift towards something new. She promised to stay connected through social media and beyond, hinting at exciting future endeavors.

Toole’s departure comes after she first joined Peloton in September 2019, expressing her excitement for the job and the welcoming community she found. Throughout her time with the company, she used her platform to advocate for mental health awareness, even leading a special ride during Mental Health Awareness month.

In a previous interview with PEOPLE, Toole opened up about her own mental health struggles and the importance of being authentic and vulnerable, especially when encouraging others to show up as their best selves. She highlighted the transformative power of movement and physical activity in honoring oneself and emphasized the significance of taking time for self-care.

As she embarks on a new chapter beyond Peloton, Toole’s fans eagerly anticipate what’s next for the fitness star. Her departure marks the end of an era with the company but signals the beginning of a new adventure filled with possibilities and growth. With her unwavering commitment to authenticity and self-care, Kendall Toole continues to inspire others to prioritize their well-being and embrace change with courage and positivity.