2023 is being the most difficult year for Joana Sanz. The woman from Tenerife not only continues to face the imprisonment of her still-husband, Dani Alves, accused of an alleged rape of a 23-year-old girl in a Barcelona nightclub; Rather, she has become the perfect target for some of the followers of the former Barça player, who have been chasing her for months for “abandoning” him and not supporting him as they wanted.

An incessant harassment in networks that the model herself denounced a few weeks ago, assuring that she was not willing to tolerate it. However, there is one such user who would be taking things too far; so much so that Joana Sanz herself would be feeling real terror, especially after discovering this man’s criminal record.

This is how she made it known through her Instagram Stories, from where the Tenerife woman wanted to publicly denounce the situation she is experiencing. The model has shared some examples of the messages she receives from this subject, and they are truly chilling.

In one of these messages, you can see a blurred photo of the model, taken from too close for your liking, and a terrifying message: “Talk to your friend Joana Sanz so that she enjoys a lot because soon she will disappear and no one will find her anymore. We are watching her steps ”, writes this subject, whom the model has blocked.

“I feel afraid,” writes the model, assuring that this person has been uttering this type of serious threat for months. Not only to her, but also to her surroundings. The worst, that after trying to find out something about him, her worst fears were confirmed.

“He has charges in Brazil for possession of weapons, domestic violence and other crimes,” reveals the model, who still does not understand why she has to continue receiving so many threats and insults on a daily basis. “Not that I had done anything to someone,” she laments.

Of course, he cannot help but feel fear: “This person is going a long way. That photo is having dinner in Tenerife. I fear for my safety. Enough,” she asks.

It is not the first time that the woman from Tenerife has received death threats, but it is the first time that apparently her alleged detractors are so close as to be able to make her feel such fear. A fear that she has been suffering from for more than half a year, despite trying to move on with her life after everything that has happened.

“I don’t understand why people take all this time to vent their hatred against me… As far as I know, I haven’t hurt anyone,” he said last July. “I am a person who tries to get ahead with his work, nobody is giving me anything, I do not understand why I have to put up with these things.”

Everything, despite the fact that Joana Sanz has made it clear by active and passive that, for now, she will continue to support her husband until Justice sentences and agrees with the victim.