Was it the best Oscars stunt since that time Ellen Degeneres had pizza delivered and took the best selfie of all time?

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7 Months Ago

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Jimmy Kimmel "pranked" a tour group that was visiting Hollywood on Sunday by having their tour bus make an unscheduled stop at the Academy Awards ceremony. The tourists entered the theater where they were immediately brought to the front row, where they came face-to-face with the A-listers, including Denzel Washington, who even agreed to marry one couple. 

"He’s Denzel, so it’s official," Kimmel said.

Watch below: 


Watch @JimmyKimmel and the #Oscars audience surprise a bus full of Hollywood tourists: https://t.co/vG5LjQdCo9 pic.twitter.com/1QXrwJZYUQ


Denzel Washington just "officiated" a wedding at the #Oscars: "He’s Denzel, so it’s legal." https://t.co/FDxhW5NYXD pic.twitter.com/pdTeot9Eth


Mahershala Ali takes selfie with tour group surprised at #Oscars ceremony: https://t.co/yOZ5X2zS5e pic.twitter.com/dSwOKhHSNw

Some people are calling the "groom," Gary, of Chicago, aka #garyfromchicago, the new Ken Bone.

Gary is the Ken Bone we really deserved all along. #Oscars

Just be careful.

No one google Gary. Just leave it alone. Remember Ken Bone.

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