Podcasts have become a successful phenomenon in our country, but also worldwide. More and more content creators are investing their time in carrying out their own programs. Platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or PĆ³dimo are some of the places where ‘streamers’ publish their talks on different current topics. However, some are not exempt from controversy, as has been the case with ‘We are paletos’, a space that has ignited social networks and to which even some celebrities, such as Jaime Lorente, have wanted to react.

‘We are Paletos’ has received hundreds of criticisms on social networks for their classist attitude when it comes to talking about their situation as university students from private centers. The publication of two controversial videos and their statements have caused many users on Twitter to complain about the superiority with which they treat the rest, simply because they have money.

“Another type of people with a complex are those who live in semi-detached houses,” comments the presenter of the program to the laughter of the guests. When asked ‘what are semi-detached houses’, a young man pointed out again: “It’s a chalet split in half. It’s like a flat but with a pool.” But not only that, another of the participants adds: “I think that these are things that motivate you in life. Like, let’s see when I buy the other half from the next door.”

An attitude that has left many users on social networks speechless, who have charged against these statements. However, it seems that this video has transcended to other spheres, such as the world of celebrities. The actor Jaime Lorente has not been able to avoid responding to these statements through his Tiktok account. “I would love for you to invite me to your podcast one day and I’ll push your face against the wall,” said the Denver interpreter in La Casa de Papel, while he can be seen during a train trip.

But it is not the only podcast to which the actor has wanted to react. In fact, it is very common to see him as the actor in Who would you take to a deserted island? react to controversial statements. The last video of him on TikTok has been dedicated to the words of the Marketing expert Javier de San Pedro, who has given a lot of talk in recent hours by telling in a podcast what he did when he received seven million euros in the Lottery.

“Tell us the story of the lottery, Javier,” asks the interviewee in the fragment that has gone viral. “When I won the lottery it was a huge family drama. There were seven million euros that could have ended the family debts, paid off the mortgage, lived carefree all my life. I didn’t use it for that. That same day I called my banker and I told him to make a transfer of seven million to my biggest hater, he even knew who I was referring to without telling him,” said the protagonist.

When the interviewer asks him why he did that, he pointed out: “Because if my biggest hater has seven million, I know that I will do everything possible to get eight.” The actor appears split-screen in his TikTok video. On the right, the original video appears, while on the left, Lorente appears reacting second by second to the controversial statements, while making faces and laughing. In the end, he ends up reacting with a comb. A reaction that has been applauded on social networks, and that has been very funny to the actor’s followers.