After the visit of Álex Roca on Monday, which left a great taste in the spectators’ mouths, El Hormiguero continued this Tuesday to receive another star guest such as the F.C. Barcelona Pedro. The athlete revealed to Pablo Motos what he spent his first salary on as a professional.

The Canarian came only a few hours after winning the league title with the Catalan club, which was marred by the invasion of a group of ultras from Espanyol on the field. Regarding that incident, he explained that the only thing he remembers is that people were screaming and “he only saw people running towards us”, so he decided to follow the rest of the group.

The presenter wanted to know how the enormous change he has experienced in just three years has affected his life, going from playing in Las Palmas to jumping to Barcelona and having an impressive termination clause of 1,000 million euros. Despite everything, his brother Fernando is the one who keeps his feet on the ground.

In addition to being a brother, he is also his representative, so he is aware of his career in every way, both in sports and in his affairs off the fields. In addition to being the image of Plátano de Canarias, she has also created his own collection with a well-known clothing brand.

Although he did not want to say what his salary is, the guest from El Hormiguero recalled what he spent the first money he earned as a professional athlete on. For that he had to go back to his stage in Las Palmas, where he made his debut. “What was the first expensive whim you bought yourself?” Motos asked.

To everyone’s surprise, Pedri recalled that the first thing he did was go to the supermarket across the street and buy sweets. Obviously, with a professional contract as a footballer he was able to spend more: “So expensive, the first thing was a car for my father (present on the set) so that he could have it in Tenerife.”

There was also time to talk about his private life, something that Antena 3 viewers were looking forward to, beyond the sports part, which all fans know. Pablo revealed that his guest is a bit of a disaster with the issue of order in his case, so he asked him about it.

“In my room there would be a lion cage, and more yesterday with the celebration. I always tell my mother, who is the one who usually goes up to pick up the lion cage, that I know where things are. You see it thrown away, but I know where they are. I have an order within the disorder. I am the typical person who when he sees it very thrown away picks it up in case someone comes, “admitted Pedri.

The footballer, very comfortable on the set, opened up completely: “I’m also clueless. The last one I have to tell you. Training sessions are usually always at the same time. One day I arrive, I get up to train. I was going to take the car and I remember that they had sent a message through the group and the training was in the afternoon. And I went back to sleep”.