The second season of the docu-reality of Georgina Rodríguez, ‘influencer’ and partner of Cristiano Ronaldo, on Netflix opens next Friday, March 24, on Netflix. Since the first season aired, Georgina has seen how her followers have grown exponentially, she herself now has more than 47 million followers, 10 million more than she did before launching the ‘reality’ with the well-known platform. This rise in popularity has also influenced her life and this will be seen on the show because of the friends Georgina surrounds herself with.

Likewise, according to the newspaper El Confidencial, the ‘influencer’ recounts in this second installment of the program how she lived through the hardest moments of her life, including the loss of her son Ángel, as well as her recovery and how she has moved forward together with your family and friends. She also shows her day-to-day life and her luxurious lifestyle, with trips to Manchester, Dubai, Madrid, Mallorca and Lapland, among others.

From the newspaper El Confidencial they have been lucky enough to see the first two chapters of the new season and have advanced some of the best phrases that the ‘influencer’ has said in these first chapters of the second season.

-“There are things that cannot be delegated because then you come across baroque paintings. […] “In my bathroom I do want a bidet. For the Polish bath and for the Czech, Czech, Czech.”

-“How do I organize to travel with so many children at the same time? Well, to be honest, to this day I have not received an answer”. It’s like the illusion takes me. I don’t get tired, but many times when I arrive from each trip I find myself exhausted and I need three days to recover.”

– “I feel that I lack time. I have a lot of jobs.”

-“I identify a lot with Jacquemus because I also started out as a shop assistant”.

-“I am a saving woman, a woman who greatly values ​​every penny she earns, and I am like a little ant: little by little I am reaching my annual goals.”

– “I feel like a supermommy, a superwoman. I have to continue for my children and I also owe it to Cristiano”.

– “I find hearts everywhere. I am eating a piece of bread and a heart forms, I am eating a piece of chorizo ​​and a heart forms, with coffee and I see a heart…”.

-“A good Iberian ham for me means joy. He could not live without the Iberians. There are always Iberians on the jet”.

– “I eat without fear and with pleasure. To this day I am surprised that people are surprised to see me eat”.

-“On a bus you always have to take a sandwich in case you get hungry.”

-“People are very modest when it comes to talking about farts, poop… We must normalize this type of situation.”

– “Bella is called Bella Esmeralda because I love all the princess names. I liked Esmeralda, Bella too, and in the end the babies decided to name her Bella Esmeralda.”

– “I still remember the first Rolex I had. I keep it like a diamond in the rough.”

– “I am very religious. For me, being in church is like being at home. I feel very supported by God, by the Virgin and by the angels. Faith has helped me a lot.”