Great news for the family that fashion designer Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada built together with journalist Pedro J. Ramírez. The ex-couple’s eldest son, Tristán, became a father last morning on Friday, April 5.

This is the young man’s first daughter, which is why everyone is especially excited. After nine months of waiting, the aristocrat’s wife gave birth at three in the morning and everything went well.

The baby has brought great joy to the family, since she is also the first granddaughter for the designer and communicator. On March 22, before traveling to Monaco for the famous Rose Ball, Ruiz de la Prada confessed to Vanitatis that he hoped the baby would be born upon his return.

The businesswoman explained to the aforementioned media that she was very excited about the arrival of a new member to the family: “I am delighted to be a grandmother. When Tristán told me that they were pregnant, I was very happy. My friends were already grandmothers and I was missing “.

Although he works with his mother and sometimes attends events with her, Tristán prefers to live away from the media spotlight. For this reason, the young man asked his mother to discuss the pregnancy with discretion, as she told Vanitatis: ”My son doesn’t want me to tell anything and it is his right, and I am very excited. . Tristán had never told me about his desire to be a father and I found out when they were already five months old.

The love story of Tristán and his partner began three years ago thanks to some friends they had in common. At that time, the woman was living in Finland to attend to a series of work commitments derived from her work as a researcher.

After much thought and considering different names for the baby, the couple decided on ‘Deva’, which means “heavenly” or “brilliant”. According to what has been learned, both the 37-year-old man and his 35-year-old girlfriend are happy and satisfied after a few hours full of nerves, tension and emotions.

At the moment, Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada and Pedro J. Ramírez have not commented on the matter, but everything seems to indicate that both are supporting their son and that they will travel (if they are not already there) to meet the baby.