This Wednesday, Greater Wyoming had Pedro Sánchez as an exceptional guest at El Intermedio. The presenter and President of the Government had a serious, although relaxed talk, in which there were many funny moments that left occasional moments on television. And all because of some somewhat uncomfortable questions from the viewers of La Sexta.

In fact, the socialist candidate in the general elections on July 23, not only responded about the type of underwear she wears, but also continued to joke when asked about her favorite nickname. Perro Sánchez, Falconeti… Pedro Sánchez is clear about it.

“Today we interview the president, are you ready?” Wyoming asked her partner Sandra Sabatés. “Presenting with you I am prepared for almost everything,” the journalist assured him. Once Pedro Sánchez sat on the set of El Intermedio, his presenter brought up the issues of the electoral campaign, but also comic issues that made the Prime Minister laugh.

One of them were the nicknames that the socialist has received during his last legislature and that Wyoming brought up. “Falconeti, his Sanchidad, Perro Sánchez, Bizcochito…”, he enumerated, making those present laugh, mainly because of the last nickname.

Before opting for one of them, the PSOE candidate gave his opinion on the nickname of Falconeti, because of the Falcón and that “the right always has this story of dehumanizing me.”

Sánchez explained that the Falcons are a means of air transport used by the presidents of the Government and that they were bought by José María Aznar. Therefore, “it never ceases to amaze me that the right wing criticizes me for doing the same thing that all the presidents since Aznar have done,” he assured.

“I prefer that they criticize me for that than that they criticize me for the Gürtel or for Operation Kitchen,” the president released with a loud zasca. Finally, the president revealed which of all those nicknames was his favorite. “I’ll take the Bizcochito thing,” he said clearly.