Julia Faystina rose to fame in early 2023 claiming to be Madeleine McCann, the British girl who disappeared in Portugal 16 years ago. The 21-year-old Polish girl has been in the United States for several weeks to undergo several genetic studies that will determine her true identity and confirm if, as she claims, she is the missing Madeleine, or on the contrary, her parents are really her parents. parents.

Despite the fact that her story has had practically no support, the young woman is counting on the advice of Fia Johansson, her representative and investigator of the case. And both were earlier this week on The Dr. Phil Show to give the first interview on American soil.

In the program, Julia continued to ensure that she is Madeleine, while Johansson provided three pieces of evidence that are essential for her:

This evidence is not conclusive, but for Johansson it is enough for Julia’s testimony to continue to hold. The tests that will be valid are DNA tests: “I’m really looking forward to it and checking its status every day.”

On the other hand, Julia’s family also took advantage of the US program to issue a statement in which they publicly ask that she stop impersonating Madeleine McCann, since they consider her their daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece and cousin, and they claim to have memories and photos confirming your identity.

The family have expressed concern for Julia’s emotional well-being on more than one occasion, and fear that continuing her claim to be Madeleine will have serious consequences for her. In addition, in her statement they pointed out that the Internet does not forget, so it is important for her safety and her future that her true identity be recognized.