César Román, popularly known as ‘The king of cachopo’, is once again making headlines. The alleged murderer has admitted his guilt in a letter written in prison, in which he is serving a sentence for the murder and dismemberment of his former girlfriend, Heidi.

This is the first time that Román has assumed the facts, which is why the king of cachopo has decided to fire his lawyer, Ana Isabel Peña, who treated this letter as a mere outburst.

As detailed by the television program Code 10, the letter suggests that Román may have been in love with his lawyer: “He wants a show and to make it public,” says the lawyer, who cannot visit him in prison or call him.

Peña does not know the reason why the accused called her so insistently: “You know. Could it be to feel control over me? At first you seemed friendly, funny, trickster… The behavior of a person who wants to seduce and who does not show his true face.

Likewise, she assures that the prisoner has sent her countless letters over time with phrases such as: “I love you very much, my beautiful girl” or “You don’t know how I feel about you”, even calling her on the phone up to 15 occasions every day.

Such was the prisoner’s instability, that he tried to take his own life several times in prison: “I wanted to cut his wings but I didn’t want him to fall apart because César has had several self-killing attempts,” while the prisoner says: “For me Ana is a “A very important person in my life, in fact I owe my life to Ana, and I am not speaking in hypothetical terms, I am speaking in real terms.”