Carlos Sainz has taken the best of the best to the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. Not only in technical matters, but also in himself, since the driver has arrived at the paddock with a new image, surprising everyone and everyone with a new mustache from one day to the next.

The Spanish driver explained that this change of look is not by chance, but is dedicated to his physiotherapist, since running in “his home race” deserved a tribute. “Pierluigi style. It is his home race, so we decided to pay him a small tribute,” explained Sainz on Ferrari’s X (formerly known as Twitter) account.

Now, just because the pilot called it “Pierluigi style” does not mean that the rest of the world sees it that way. After sending his message, hundreds of social network users responded with their opinions on what they thought of Sainz’s image change, and many agree that more than Pierluigi, the Spanish driver looks more like another well-known character: Pablo Escobar “El Chapo”.

Others also bring out other similarities, ranging from “80s porn actor” to José María Aznar, through “Torrente as a young man”, Mauricio Colmenero or even his father, Carlos Sainz “leaving the Puma outlet with the Ferrari polo shirt.” hidden from your mother.” They also encourage Fernando Alonso to grow a mustache so they can make a national version of Mario and Luigi, because due to suggestions it doesn’t fit.

Sainz brings the change this weekend, not only aesthetically, because he also arrives with some improvements to the Emilia Romagna GP; no less than seven new parts have been installed on the Italian car, developing its spoilers and bodywork.

Furthermore, his future remains up in the air after the arrival of Lewis Hamilton to the Scuderia. The Grand Prix continue to happen, but what will become of him or what his next destination will be, no one knows anything. Audi has already confirmed that he is in talks with the driver, but the Spaniard prefers that the season progress a little further to be able to finish in the best possible option.

That one of the most desirable options is Red Bull is not a secret, but the driver does not want to anticipate events. “There is no progress, everything is quite stopped. There doesn’t seem to be any progress. If there aren’t any, you can’t tell anything new either,” the Spaniard said at a press conference. “I am talking to everyone, as I have always said.”